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X-Ray Procedures


1 view RM40

2 views RM60

CXR showing active pulmonary tuberculosis

Nasal bones

1 view


x-ray showing nasal bone fracture


Cervical/ thoracic

2 views RM60

X-ray cervical  spine of a 27 year old women with PH of MVA showing marked reduction in C5/6 disc space indicating  severe disc disease

Paranasal sinuses

1 view RM40

2 views RM60

3 views RM80

OM view showing acute left maxillary sinusitis


2 views RM60

X-ray of a boy who had a fall at school showing fracture left clavicle



2 views RM60

x-ray showing pathological fracture right humerus due to bone cyst



2 views RM60

X-rays of a child showing fracture mid-shaft radius and plastic bowing fracture of ulna


Hand – single

2 views RM60

Hand – both

2 views RM70

X-rays showing multiple lesions in the hand of a patient with known history of lymphoma


1 view RM45

2 views RM65

3 views RM85

Pelvic x-ray of the same patient as hand above showing protrusion acetabuli


2 views RM60

Radiograph showing oblique fracture mid-shaft femur in a case of child abuse



2 views RM60

Butterfly fracture of mid shaft tibia



2 views RM60

Image showing fracture base of 5th metatarsal


CXR/Abdo children

1 view RM40

Image showing coin in the oesophagus


Intra-venous urography


IVU showing complete obstruction of the left ureter due to a stone

Abdomen & KUB

1 view  RM40

KUB showing a stone in the left kidney



2 views RM60

X-ray of a year old boy showing skull fracture


Cervical/ thoracic/ lumbar Spine

2 views RM60

3 views RM80

X-ray lumbar spine showing degenerative disc disease at L5/S1


Both AC joints

1 view RM50

X-ray of both ACJ with weight showing dislocation of right AC joint


2 views RM60

X-ray showing anterior shoulder dislocation


Elbow joint

2 views RM60

x-ray showing elbow dislocation


Wrist joint

2 views RM60

3 views RM80

X-ray of Colles’ fracture following a fall on the out-stretched hand



2 views RM35

x-ray showing thumb dislocation involving distal PIP joint


Hip joint

2 views RM65

Pelvic x-ray showing fracture neck of right femur



2 views RM60

X-ray knee showing early osteoarthritis



2 views RM60

Pronation external rotation injury causing fracture medial malleolus and fibular shaft


2 views RM60

View of both calcanei showing a right calcaneal spur


Hysterosalphingogram RM200

HSG showing a left hydrosalpinx with normal right fallopian tube




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